Tulsa Float Therapy | Teaching Tulsa to Relax

Recovery in anything is very important. Whether you a a hard working individual, looking for recovery from athletic performance, or have experienced years without pampering your very well deserving self, any old Tulsa float therapy group can simply not compare to the amazing services we offer at H2Oasis Float Center. It is here that we created a personal touch that will keep you coming back week after week. There is something for everyone here who is simply looking to rejuvenate their joints, relax and melt the stress away, and just gain some much needed energy. Give us a call to book an appointment at 918-938-7368 or for more information please visit our website at www.h2oasisfloatcenter.com you will not be disappointed with your visits.

Our priority is your comfort. We are the best option when it comes to implementing new methods for longevity in your healthy lifestyle. We offer an array of incredible services that everyone deserves to experience and enjoy. Stop by our amazing facilities today to look around and set up your first appointment! It will surely not be your last and you will see just why we are better than any other Tulsa float therapy option that you may find. Our company will provide you with the best results so come in and become apart of our growing statistic!

It is here that we offer three different options in our facility that houses the industries most coveted and advanced state of the art equipment. You will find at H2Oasis Float Center that our float pods are not the average Tulsa float therapy services you will find. In fact, we hold the only couple floating pod in the state of Oklahoma! This gives you the option to relax as a couple and float together. Our other two options include an individual pod for single use, and for those who arent fans of closed in spaces, our personal touch shines through by creating an open pool pod you have access to float in.

Our innovation does not stop there but only raises the bar by providing you with experienced professionals who offer one hour massages. Our masseuses are the best in the business and unlike any other Tulsa float therapy company can offer! Their attention to detail is unmatched as their passion is truly perfecting the art of body work. Let them know what isnt feeling right and you will leave their table feeling better than you ever have before.

Enjoy our lounge after your sessions by indulging in our delicious treats we have to offer you! We have created delicious infused drinks that can be paired with our amazing bakery items. Dive into these as you soak up all the knowledge we have incorporated in our classroom workshops! These are created with you in mind to help you sustain and create a consistent healthy lifestyle! H2Oasis Float Therapy is your one stop shop for all things relaxed and recovery, you owe yourself the treat so please come in today!

Do you physically feel tight all over your body? Does your head ever feel like its about to explode if you dont let it decompress? Have you been looking for a way to meet new people who are interested in the longevity and health of their journey? H2Oasis Float Center has a solution for all of that. Here at H2Oasis Float Center we offer an array of methods for your relaxation and rejuvenation for body mind and spirit. You can learn about all of our systems but the best way to know more is to experience what is considered the BEST Tulsa float therapy center. To book an appointment give us a call at 918-938-7368 or visit our website at www.h2oasisfloatcenter.com

Remember to give yourself the maintenance that you deserve and stop ignoring all the signs your body and mind are telling you! Balance is the most important thing so please take some time off from working hard and gets a chance to pamper you. We have options available to suit everyone’s needs, and continue to make innovative progress in our industry. Our three different float pods come with an option that you can only find at H2Oasis Float center, NO other Tulsa float therapy company or any other group in Oklahoma can offer you couple floating. Our state of the art technology has provided us with the option to float as a couple. We also offer a single individual pod and also one for those who like floating in an open pool more.

Our services dont stop there as we provide professional masseuses is true passion is bodywork that would heal and rejuvenate your body and joints. Many of our members come every week just so they can be touched by the hands of angels and be healed of all the sore and hard-to-reach areas. Their attention to detail is unmatched and going to any other Tulsa float therapy clinic will only leave you disappointed. If you want to go to someone who is considered the number one option then look no further than H2Oasis Float Center.

This is an amazing opportunity that you do not want to pass up. We are only getting better and better by the day. We have created a lounge that gives you the opportunity to socialize with the beautiful people just like yourself who are members of this wonderful community. Sit down and enjoy a cup of some delicious hot tea while you are conversing. Treat yourself to a snack of delicious baked goods we have provided for you. Your comfort is our goal and we pride ourselves in our personal touches.

We believe knowledge is power and sustaining an informational base to the lifestyle. We have created a classroom that offers an array of different teachings for you to create a consistent path for longevity. Come in and see where the best of what we do and why you will not be disappointed in your visit. Going anywhere else will only be a mistake that you will realize when it’s too late. You deserve to give your body mind and spirit a chance to relax, what you waiting for?

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