Float Therapy Tulsa | How to Rejuvenate

If you are looking for a new method that is one of the most incredible things you can ever do then look no further than H20asis Float Center. Here we will provide you the best customer service experience that you can imagine. Our professionals are dedicated to creating and maintaining a thriving experience for the awesome individual that is you. At www.h2Oasisfloatcenter.com you can learn about the amazing services we provide or give us a call at 918-938-7368 to book an appointment. We are by far the best option for a float center Tulsa has available.

We are ecstatic to share with you our cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment that will encourage and accommodate you for your relaxation needs. This is by far the best option for healing and continuing a healthy journey. We are simply the best based upon our dedication to your experience. One example is by providing the one and only couple floating pod in Oklahoma. You can come as a couple, you can float a couple, and you can leave is a relaxed couple. We also have an amazing individual pods to float in that is a life-changing experience for anyone.

Another way we are dedicated to providing the best experience is by adding an open pool float, Float Therapy Tulsa for those who prefer not to be enclosed in small spaces. Whatever we can do to give the best experience possible is what we aim for. You will truly not regret the amazing benefits you will carry away from our float pods. They will keep you coming back week after week and telling all of your friends about this amazing experience. Another way that we go above and beyond is our incredible and luxurious lounge.

Our services are second to none right here at H20asis Float Center. We go above and beyond to run your business as we join you in this healthy lifestyle. It is right here in our lounge where you can find other beautiful people who are on the same journey as you. Enjoy fellowship as you can take advantage of our delicious and tasty baked goods. We also provide thirst quenching infused drinks and hot teas to wash it down. It is here you can also sign up for amazing workshop classes that will provide you with countless golden nuggets of knowledge that will encourage your healthy lifestyle.

Here at H2Oasis float center, we are not simply just another float center Tulsa is offering. We provide the best services with our professional staff environment filled with relaxation in mind. Soothe yourself like you deserve where you can find services like nowhere else. The services are amazing and we’re just waiting for you to come and find out. These services are subpar at any other float center Tulsa may have. We have implemented each method with you in mind and continue to climb the ladder to fulfill your needs by staying conscious with the industry. You will simply not find a better option to rejuvenate your body mind and soul.

If you are looking for a time to schedule relaxation and rejuvenation for your body mind and spirit then look no further than H2Oasis float center theyre the best float therapy Tulsa has to offer. At H2Oasis float center and teahouse, there are an array of different methods to achieve just that, including the float center, tea house and oxygen bar as well as the wellness center. Creating an appointment is made easy by contacting phone number 918-938-7368 to start booking from Tuesday to Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM Saturday from 9 AM to 11 PM Sunday and Monday from 11 AM to 8 PM. Our exceptional staff cannot wait to help you on this journey.

In Tulsa, the amazing H2Oasis Float center provides float therapy Tulsa, as well as state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate your experience in float therapy. In the isolation tank you will be floating in over 300 gallons of water that has close to 1400 pounds of Epson salt poured into it. There are different pods to accommodate different styles of relaxation. For those who do not like small spaces there are open pools for your convenience. We also have single pods for the individual or bigger pods for couples who would like to float together. In Oklahoma, we are the only float center to offer the opportunity to float as a loving and relaxed couple. While in the pod you will find zero gravity and the chance to find very deep comfort. You can be in silence or listen to soothing music. There are many studies to provide evidence this type of holistic healing is very beneficial.

Another reason to find yourself at the most amazing H20asis center, is our great hospitable lounge provides you with many different beverages and tasty baked goods and not to mention oxygen aromatherapy. Some of the different drink items include herbal infusions different hot teas and also a chance to socialize and network with similar individuals who have just use the service that you have as well. We also utilize our lounge for different informational classes chance for you to experience workshops in different services pertaining to your personal journey for health. Each month we offer new and fun events that are located on our calendars website.

Another way in which we provide incredibly outstanding and dedicated service to your relaxation is by offering massage therapists who are trained in many different styles of massage. We are equipped with three exceptional massage therapists who have your best interest in mind. If you are interested in sitting relaxation craniosacral thai bodywork or even Swedish technique our table is waiting for you. These are top-of-the-line masseuses and you will not regret your hour spent with them.

At H2O Oasis float center and teahouse, your relaxation and rejuvenation is our number one priority. Providing state-of-the-art float tanks, an area of fellowship, educational and informative classes and workshops, delicious and mouthwatering drinks and baked goods, with upper echelon massage therapists, this is the place for you to rejuvenate your body mind and spirit. This float therapy experience will keep you returning time and time again for the best float therapy Tulsa has to offer.

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