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If you are in search for the best float therapy Tulsa has to offer than look no further than H2Oasis float center and teahouse. We provide state-of-the-art services, care, and equipment for your relaxing and rejuvenation needs. Our phone number is 918-938-7368 to contact us to book an appointment for one of the best experiences of your life. We pride ourselves in taking extra special care of our clients to ensure their wellness and return to our facility. Once you come here you will not want to leave and we have plenty of activities for you to indulge in.

We are the number one experience for float therapy Tulsa has seen for a reason. Outside of our holistic practices in our upper echelon equipment we also offer a variety of delicious and tasty drinks and also an array of bakery items to snack on. These are available in our lounge where you can also fellowship with others who have just had the same experience that you did. Everyone here is positive about their experience that cannot wait to come back. Maybe the drinks maybe the snacks or maybe it’s the amazing workshops we also offer classroom classes for with precise information of how you too can lead a healthy lifestyle away and at H2Oasis flow center and teahouse.

Relaxing in our pods is such a treat you might just want to make it a weekly event. We have many different Float therapy Tulsa styles of pods to choose from including individual pods, Oklahoma’s only couple pod, and if you’re not a fan of small close-up spaces floating we also have an open pool to accommodate those preferences. Relaxation services are consistent and you will not be disappointed in your visit. Soaking in the water that is filled with Epson salt can be very relaxing in silence or listening to soothing music. There’s an array of studies for the benefits of your joints your thought process of the brain and also your overall energy levels.

Our outstanding services and dedication to customer service leave any other visit to any other float center Tulsa has around will only be subpar to what you experience. Our masseuses take their time on your specific needs to accommodate your body’s preference on healing in specific areas. We have the best masseuses that specialize in Swedish, Thai bodywork, relaxation and deep tissue work, along with very beneficial and highly rated cranial sacral massage. Any other shop can simply not offer the same ambience and results as our fine testimonials can attest for.

If you have been looking for a facility for float therapy Tulsa has to call its own, H20asis float center and teahouse is your one-stop shop for relaxation rejuvenation information and fellowship with others who have the same goal as you. We are by far Tulsa’s best wellness center with an array of services for everyone to benefit from. Whether you are looking to create some brain space for relief of stress, maybe just looking to get the creek out of your neck or possibly just searching for new methods to attain and maintain your health care is no other float therapy Tulsa has to offer that can match the quality and attention to detail like H2 oasis Center and teahouse can do and will do.

At H2Oasis Float Center, we have designed it with you in mind. Services like this are going to be amazing and if you want the best float center Tulsa has to offer than look no further. We will be able to give you some of the best relaxation you have had in years. These services are going to be great and are just waiting for the beautiful person that is you to come and discover the amount of healing you can experience. Give us a call at 918-938-7368 to book an appointment or answer any questions you may have had searching our website at www.h2oasisfloatcenter.com.

We abosolutely love to pamper you and send you on your way to a fun rejuvenating and recovering process. These methods are the best in the industry and have been proven time and time again from studies all around the world. You will love these as they can make you incredibly happy based on your time spent here for the industries best rate. When you want a fun place to relax, pod float, grab a massage, or just simply learn from a great class workshop which we provide in our facility, than look no further or at any other float center Tulsa may have.

As we love to pamper you, we also provide you with the newest and greatest equipment in our in dustry. Our float pods are avaiable to all of you beautiful people with different preferences. We work so hard to provide you with the utmost valuable experience to repair your body, we have gone above and beyond to show our customers that we grow with them in mind. Our new technology that we have is the one and only couple pod in Oklahoma that you can enjoy floating as a couple. For those who look at closed in pools as less than desriable, we also offer open pools for your convenience. The individual float pod is available for any one who prefers to be soothed and relaxed on their own. You definetely want to take advantage of these amazing opportunities to continue your journey on healing your body.

State of the art technology is not the only thing we take pride in, but also the most professional and experienced massage therapist of all time. These professionals take their time to heal and find what your body needs to relax uncomparable to any other float center Tulsa has. No other center pays attention to detail quite like these therapists. This is a great way for you to release tension and start moving like you used to. Specializing in all different types of body work, this service is created with you in mind to have a better experience to keep you coming back.

This is not like any other float center Tulsa can match. We have acquired the best staff with our cutting edge technology to provide the best customer with the best results. We stay up to date with every method we provide and stay growing in this industry. Whatever you need, whether it be tension release, a mind clearing float, or fellowship with those who also share the same interests as you, our services are the best to keep you coming back. You will want to come here every week once you have the experience that has no comparison.

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