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Services like this are awesome! At H2Oasis Float Center we offer hands down the greatest relaxation and rejuvenation services state wide. Any other float center Tulsa may offer is only second place. Here we pride ourselves in giving you the best experience possible with many personal touches. We go above and beyond to reach and exceed your expectations, as only professionals and the best providers have been chosen to give you the best services around! Check us out and see why we are so much better than all the other centers. Many questions can be answered on our FAQ on our website at www.h2oasisfloatcenter.com or give us a call at 918-938-7368 where our wonderful staff can be able to give you the best options to provide you with the craziest wave of relaxation you’ve ever experienced!

Many people dont understand the quality of service we provide until they step through the door. This is our passion in providing the most incredible services at the best rates possible. We want to prove to you why we are the number one, and we will show you on your first appointment and every one after that which keeps you coming back! Float Therapy Tulsa Our state of the art float center provide you with something any other float center Tulsa has cannot match. We give you the chance to have so much fun as a couple and float in a couples pod, together! This is the ONLY one of its kind STATE wide! We prove time and time again how much we care about you as the individual by providing the best and newest equipment. More phenomenal beds include those for the individual, and also those who aren’t the biggest fan of Float Therapy Tulsa small enclosed spaces, and for that we have implemented a wonderful open pool pod.

Give us a call now to check out our packages to find which one is suitable for you! We are dedicated to enhancing your quality life and distressing is our favorite way to prove that. If you are anyone else you know need a day of pampering or just a new place thats the best option in the industry, it is easier than ever to find yourself in our facility! We know what brings you in to our wonderful center, but what will make you stay is our personal touch to hospitality. It is here we have crafted beverages and baked goods with you in mind. Here is a chance to take advantage of our wonderful classes that our full of knowledge and different methods a smart Float Therapy Tulsa individual like you can learn from our workshops. We have found a happy and positive energy here carries into conversations of our guests interactions. These kinds of services also provide you a chance to fellowship with like minded individuals about your journey in a healthy lifestyle.

We have some of the best services ever! These services aren’t around at just anywhere and it has never been a better time to take advantage of our membership program. Call us today to find out more about our special deals and why you get more bang for your buck HERE, than any other float center Tulsa can offer. This is an amazing chance for you to experience happiness and relaxation like never before. Come in and find out what you are missing!

Getting the best experience and results is why people purchase their memberships and return every week. If you currently are stressed, have stiff joints, need a day just for YOU, this is your one-stop-shop to improve your daily health exponentially. This is the best float center Tulsa has come to know and love throughout the years. Schedule time in your day to go to a resort in your town’s own backyard!

Our passion is relaxation. Our wonderful services give you the opportunity to experience our personal touch when it comes to healing and rejuvenating your hard working mind and body. Here you will experience the best methods and techniques to provide your body with the maintenance it needs and deserves. Give yourself the credit you deserve and check out our Float Therapy Tulsa website at www.h2oasisfloatcenter.com for more information or a call us at 918-938-7368 so we can give you a full run down of who we are! We love doing what we do, and being the number one float center Tulsa has to offer.

You will love every one of our services that you indulge in. It is such a treat for anyone or any couple looking to escape from the day to day and unwind and relax in a soothing environment. Our professionals design everything with you in mind and we want to meet your needs! Our years of dedication and service to our industry keep us on top with our systems and methods in place. We are the one stop shop for relaxation and rejuvenation for mind body and soul. We offer many options that no other float center Tulsa uses can match!

Our state of the art technology is second to none, and we have acquired equipment that no other float center Tulsa has, or anywhere in Oklahoma has! Our amazing float pods are designed with our amazing guest in mind. We want to give you the best experience you can get. Here we provide you with a couple pod where you can float and relax as a couple. For those who find closed in pods less than desirable, we love you and have made an open pool pod specifically for you! It is a no brainer that we go above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations, and thats what we love to do!

Acheiving the best float center Tulsa can imagine hasnt been easy but weve done it with your help! Float Therapy Tulsa We have our lounge and workshop area where all of our wonderful guests have gathered to learn from our classes and fellowship with the like minded individuals that also share the services. Our delicious baked goods pair greatly with our infused drinks and hot teas. You will love the atmosphere to sit down, continue you relaxation and learn and indulge in converstation. We have only the best guests so you will fit right in when you give yourself the time you know you deserve!

Choosing us as your one stop shop for relaxation will only leave you wanting more and coming back at your earliest convenience. We pride ourselves in serving Tulsa and incorporating rejuvenation in your daily activity! You will not regret any visit you have at our center. Any other float center Tulsa has, we guarantee we will beat when it comes to accommodation of your needs. We provide the absolute best professionals, atmosphere, equipment and technology with you in mind! Start pampering yourself like you know you deserve and spread the word!

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