Floating Away Your Anxiety And Stress


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Groundbreaking research on the effects on the brain while floating is being done at Tulsa’s Laureate Institute for Brain Research. 

KJRH Flotation Research


Tula World – Tulsa’s newest float center H2Oasis opens in The Farm Shopping Center


H2Oasis featured in Explore Tulsa

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Discover Tulsa – H2Oasis –

This is Tulsa’s largest float center. They offer a variety of services within their float center, tea house and oxygen bar, as well as their wellness center.

H2Oasis, Tulsa’s largest float center, has four flotation rooms custom-built for “deep, deep, deep” relaxation.


Floating Stress Away. A new type of float pool is set to arrive at H2Oasis.


Floating In Peace


Tulsa People –

Let’s get metaphysical at H2Oasis. Whether you’re in need of a therapeutic massage or just spiritual development, the H2Oasis Conscious Lounge has everything you could want for the body, mind and spirit.


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